On August 23rd, 2016, West Side Transport launched the very colorful Convoy for a Cure trailer to the fleet. West Side has pledged to donate a portion of the revenue to various local cancer charities for the life of the trailer. On October 4th, 2017, the first community award was presented to Gems of Hope for $10,000! The employees who raised the $30,000 to purchase the trailer were on hand, as well as many of the volunteers from Gems of Hope. It was a great day, to say the least!

West Side Transport has, like most companies, been affected by cancer in some form.  We have employees, family members, business associates, and friends who are currently battling cancer or are cancer survivors. The battles are real and affect millions of people every year. West Side Transport recognized an opportunity to create awareness while also contributing funds to finding a cure and helping the cancer patients and their families fight this horrible disease. 

West Side Transport will continue to fight against cancer,

and we certainly hope you can join us in that fight!